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Welcome to Quality Tooling Inc.

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Welcome to Quality Tooling Inc. For over 40 years, Quality Tooling Inc. has been dedicated to providing first class service to the tooling industry. By concentrating on meeting our customers needs, and helping them to achieve their goals, Quality Tooling has become a valuable partner in providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


By using the latest technology, extensive knowledge of plastic injection and die cast dies and expertise in machining techniques, Quality Tooling Inc. has built a competitive pricing model that results in efficient project management and a proven high quality product. We feel that producing a high quality product at a great price with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce is exactly what has built customer loyalty over the years.


As a family owned business, we hand-select our employees to embody the dedication to quality, honesty, and excellence that our company was founded on in 1968. Our people are energetic about their work, and committed to providing a quality product for every customer we serve. We seek out excellence in our employees so that they will in turn provide excellence for you! We challenge our people to go "above and beyond the customers' expectations on every job" as that is the Quality Tooling business advantage.



    • Die Cast Dies

    • Plastic Injection Molds

    • Blow Molding

    • Thermoset Molds

    • Rubber Injection

    • General Machining



Since Quality Tooling first opened its doors in 1968, we have always believed that communication with our customer is crucial.  The clear communication of all steps of the engineering process is what has enabled our company to continually exceed customer expectations in providing superior Custom Machining, Injection Molds, Die Cast Dies and other tooling.

In addition Quality Tooling has made continual investment in the latest technological advances in the tooling industry. Our ISO 9001 certification, combined with our responsive customer service, give us a unique advantage in the industry.

Our goal is to be one of the nation’s most progressive tooling and machining manufacturers, a goal that is fulfilled each day as we continue to produce a first class product that exceeds our customers' expectations.


Quality in Every Step . . .

At Quality Tooling Inc., quality is our highest priority with many years of experience in the industry.

All of our precision measuring equipment has been calibrated and maintained under ISO requirements, which ensures both the quality and tolerances you expect in your final product.

Every one of Quality Tooling's operators has been highly trained and is continually honing their skills.  We expect our employees to approach their job with a zeal for quality and our dedicated staff has responded with impeccable results. Our inspection policy empowers employees, fosters teamwork, and holds individuals accountable for their inspection results - all in an effort to ensure that your product is inspected accurately and efficiently.


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That is the Quality Tooling Advantage...


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